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0.1.5 Sep 29, 2021

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Rust implementation of Overlays Capture architecture

OCA is a standardized global solution for data capture and exchange which protects PII data and provides a positive alternative to current architectures. See more on: https://oca.colossi.network/



Command line parser

Download bin for linux or exe for windows

In cargo package

Add this to your Cargo.toml:

oca-rust = "0.1.23"


Building local package with command line app and XLS parser:
cargo build --features command_line,xls_parser

Run tests

cargo test --all-features

WASM bindings


Building local NPM package
wasm-pack build bindings/wasm -t nodejs -d pkg-node

Run tests

Go to bindings/wasm/js directory and install dependencies

yarn install
yarn test

Releasing new version

cargo release
bumps version and runs git push with v{version} tag added. That triggers actions on github (Crates.io and npmjs.com) which build and publish packages on crates.io and npmjs.com.


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