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deprecated oasis-node

Oasis network node. Reserved to prevent (malicious) confusion with the Go oasis-node.

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0.0.1 Oct 16, 2019
0.0.0 Oct 16, 2019

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Oasis Core

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  • Oasis Core is in active development so all APIs, protocols and data structures are subject to change.
  • The code has not yet been fully audited. For security issues and other security-related topics, see Security.


See our Contributing Guidelines.


Read our Security document.

Developer Documentation

See our developer documentation index.

Developing and Building the System

See a list of prerequisites followed by build instructions and an example of setting up a local test network with a simple runtime.


  • client: Client library for talking with the runtimes.
  • docker: Docker environment definitions.
  • go: Oasis node.
  • keymanager-api-common: Common keymanager code shared between client and lib.
  • keymanager-client: Client crate for the key manager.
  • keymanager-lib: Keymanager library crate.
  • runtime: The runtime library that simplifies writing SGX and non-SGX runtimes.
  • runtime-loader: The SGX and non-SGX runtime loader process.
  • scripts: Bash scripts for development.
  • tests: Runtimes, clients and resources used for E2E tests.
  • tools: Build tools.


This software is licensed under Apache 2.0.

The content of the documentation (the /docs folder) including the media (e.g. images and diagrams) is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.

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