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NWS public forecast zones

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NWS Forecast Zones

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This crate contains information on the NWS Public Forecast Zones. A forecast zone is, to quote NWS:

The NWS issues forecasts and some watches and warnings for public zones which usually are the same as counties but in many cases are subsets of counties. Counties are subset into zones to allow for more accurate forecasts because of the differences in weather within a county due to such things as elevation or proximity to large bodies of water.

This crate has an enum that represents all 3882 zones. It can also parse a range of forecast zones, like this:


These ranges are very common in NWS text products. The parsed range can be used to test if a specific zone is part of the range or not.


The nws-forecast-zones library is licensed under the MIT license (LICENSE-MIT or http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT)


This crate uses data published from NWS, but is otherwise unaffiliated with the National Weather Service, and is not an official NWS library.

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