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wasm_bindgen bindings for NWJS API

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NWJS JS API documentation is available here: https://nwjs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/


nw-sys provides Rust bindings for all NWJS subsystems with the following modules offering:

  • app application control and information access
  • clipboard system clipboard access
  • menu creation of application and tray menus
  • screen access to system Display information and layout
  • shell external application execution, file and URL opening
  • shortcut creation of application keyboard shortcuts
  • tray creation and installation of system tray menus
  • window creation and control of application windows

A higher-level Rust API for NWJS, based on top of this crate, is also available via the workflow-nw crate that is a part of the workflow-rs application development framework.


You can find an example application using these APIs at https://github.com/aspectron/nw-sys-example

Other Crates

Following crates can be used in conjunciton with nw-sys:


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