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nvim-updater-rs ~ A Neovim command-line updater

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If you've spent any amount of time in neovim and its configuration you probably are updating it often to get the latest features.

Updating should be quick & easy so you can run that everyday in an automated (or not !) manner.


From crates.io: cargo install nvim-updater-rs


Use nvim-updater-rs --help to display help on commandline.

nvim-updater-rs 0.1.3
Nicolas Picard
A Neovim command-line updater.

    nvim-updater-rs [OPTIONS]

    -c, --check                        Check only if a new version is available
    -d, --destination <DESTINATION>    Executable directory destination [default: /usr/bin/nvim]
    -h, --help                         Print help information
    -V, --version                      Print version information

Example outputs


▶ nvim-updater-rs --check
Gathering information on versions
✅ Already at the latest version: latest=0a049c322 current=0a049c322

Custom destination

By default output of executable is /usr/bin/nvim. Depending on your environment you may not have permissions to write in this directory. You can override this option by providing the -d or --destination option.

▶ nvim-updater-rs -d /usr/bin/nvim
Gathering information on versions
✨ A new version is available: latest=0a049c322 current=8952def50
Downloading https://github.com/neovim/neovim/releases/download/nightly/nvim.appimage
[00:00:00] [████████████████████] 14.63 MiB/14.63 MiB [ETA: 0s] [speed: 32.35 MiB/s]
✅ Successfully updated /usr/bin/nvim to version 0a049c322


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