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A BLS (Boneh-Lynn-Shacham) signature implementation written in pure Rust that offers support for threshold signatures with Shamir’s Secret Sharing, and a Proxy Re-Signature (PRS) algorithm designed by NuCypher called Penumbral

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The nubls crate is a Rust implentation of BLS signatures on BLS12-381. This implementation aims to follow the IETF Draft BLS Specification.

This library aims to be no_std ready, but isn't quite there yet.


See the documentation on crates.io!

Penumbral Proxy Re-Signature

Penumbral is NuCypher's Threshold Proxy Re-Signature (PRS) algorithm.

Proxy Re-Signature is a type of algorithm that allows signatures under one key to be transformed into signatures under another key by a third party who uses a "Re-Signing key". This ensures that the third party never has access to either private key.

The Penumbral paper is a work-in-progress, but will be published shortly.

For usage details, see the tests here -- https://github.com/nucypher/NuBLS/blob/master/rust-nubls/src/keys.rs#L484


For usage details, see the tests here -- https://github.com/nucypher/NuBLS/blob/master/rust-nubls/src/keys.rs#L399

Threshold Splitting/Recovery

For usage details, see the tests here -- https://github.com/nucypher/NuBLS/blob/master/rust-nubls/src/keys.rs#L321


As this library is a work-in-progress, there are some missing API details. One of these is a rust-native hash-to-curve implementation. As such, it's not presently possible to hash messages natively with this library, and another library must be used.


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