Cargo Features

ntex has no features set by default.

ntex = { version = "1.1.0", features = ["openssl", "rustls", "compress", "cookie", "url", "tokio", "glommio", "async-std"] }
openssl = tls-openssl

Enables openssl of ntex-connect and ntex-tls

rustls = tls-rustls, webpki-roots

rustls support

Enables rustls of ntex-connect and ntex-tls

compress = brotli2, flate2

enable compressison support

Affects http::encoding

enable cookie support

Enables percent-encode of cookie

Affects httpmessage::HttpMessage.cookies, httpmessage::HttpMessage.cookie, response::CookieIter

url = url-pkg

url support

tokio = ntex-tokio

tokio runtime

Enables tokio of ntex-connect and ntex-rt

glommio = ntex-glommio

glommio runtime

Enables glommio of ntex-connect and ntex-rt

async-std = ntex-async-std

async-std runtime

Enables async-std of ntex-connect and ntex-rt

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

ntex-tokio tokio?
ntex-glommio glommio?
ntex-async-std async-std?
url-pkg url?

Enables url

coo-kie cookie?

Enables cookie

tls-openssl openssl?

Enables openssl

tls-rustls rustls?

Enables rustls ^0.21

webpki-roots rustls?

Enables webpki-roots ^0.25

brotli2 compress?

Enables brotli2


flate2 compress?