Cargo Features

nrf-softdevice has no features set by default.

nrf-softdevice = { version = "0.1.0", features = ["nrf52805", "nrf52810", "nrf52811", "nrf52820", "nrf52832", "nrf52833", "nrf52840", "s112", "s113", "s122", "s132", "s140", "ble-rssi", "ble-peripheral", "ble-central", "ble-l2cap", "ble-gatt", "ble-gatt-server", "ble-gatt-client", "ble-sec", "critical-section-impl", "usable-from-interrupts", "ble-l2cap-credit-workaround", "evt-max-size-512", "defmt", "log"] }
nrf52805 = nrf52805-pac
nrf52810 = nrf52810-pac
nrf52811 = nrf52811-pac
nrf52820 = nrf52820-pac
nrf52832 = nrf52832-pac
nrf52833 = nrf52833-pac
nrf52840 = nrf52840-pac
s112 = nrf-softdevice-s112
s113 = nrf-softdevice-s113
s122 = nrf-softdevice-s122
s132 = nrf-softdevice-s132
s140 = nrf-softdevice-s140

Affects connection::IgnoreSlaveLatencyError, ble::advertisement_builder, ble::peripheral


Affects ble::central


Affects ble::l2cap, softdevice::Config.conn_l2cap

ble-gatt ble-gatt-client? ble-gatt-server?
ble-gatt-server = ble-gatt

Affects ble::gatt_server, replies::DeferredWriteReply, replies::DeferredReadReply, security::SecurityHandler.save_sys_attrs, security::SecurityHandler.load_sys_attrs

ble-gatt-client = ble-gatt

Affects central::ConnectConfig.att_mtu, ble::gatt_client


Affects ble::security, peripheral::advertise_pairable, replies::PasskeyReply, replies::OutOfBandReply


Enables restore-state-bool of critical-section


Workaround l2cap credit bug. If set, infinite credits are issued to the peer in batches. The credits config when establishing the channel is ignored.

evt-max-size-256 evt-max-size-512

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

defmt implicit feature
log implicit feature

Enables log


A lightweight logging facade for Rust

critical-section critical-section-impl?
nrf52805-pac nrf52805?
nrf52810-pac nrf52810?
nrf52811-pac nrf52811?
nrf52820-pac nrf52820?
nrf52832-pac nrf52832?
nrf52833-pac nrf52833?
nrf52840-pac nrf52840?
nrf-softdevice-s112 s112?
nrf-softdevice-s113 s113?
nrf-softdevice-s122 s122?
nrf-softdevice-s132 s132?
nrf-softdevice-s140 s140?