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This is a monorepo containing the Official Builders provided by the ZEIT team.


There are two Channels:

Channel Git Branch npm dist-tag use example
Canary canary @canary @now/node@canary
Stable master @latest @now/node@latest

All PRs should be submitted to the canary branch.

Once a PR is merged into the canary branch, it should be published to npm immediately using the Canary Channel.

Publishing to npm

For the Canary Channel, publish the modified Builders to npm with the following:

yarn publish-canary

For the Stable Channel, you must do the following:

  • Cherry pick each commit from canary to master
  • Verify that you are in-sync with canary (with the exception of the version line in package.json)
  • Deploy the modified Builders
# View differences excluding "Publish" commits
git checkout canary && git pull
git log --pretty=format:"$ad- %s [%an]" | grep -v Publish > ~/Desktop/canary.txt
git checkout master && git pull
git log --pretty=format:"$ad- %s [%an]" | grep -v Publish > ~/Desktop/master.txt
diff ~/Desktop/canary.txt ~/Desktop/master.txt

# Cherry pick all PRs from canary into master ...
git cherry-pick <PR501_COMMIT_SHA>
git cherry-pick <PR502_COMMIT_SHA>
git cherry-pick <PR503_COMMIT_SHA>
git cherry-pick <PR504_COMMIT_SHA>

# Verify the only difference is "version" in package.json
git diff origin/canary

# Ship it
yarn publish-stable

After running this publish step, GitHub Actions will take care of publishing the modified Builder packages to npm.

If for some reason GitHub Actions fails to publish the npm package, you may do so manually by running npm publish from the package directory. Make sure to use npm publish --tag canary if you are publishing a canary release!


See the Contribution guidelines for this project, it also contains guidance on interpreting tests failures.

Creating Your Own Builder

To create your own Builder, see the Builder's Developer Reference.


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