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A library for data validation with derive macro

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0.1.0 Mar 11, 2023

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A Rust library for data validation.


  • Builder-pattern API for reporting validation errors
  • Easy composition of validators
  • Derive macro implementing validation traits for structs and enums
  • Error display with jq-like paths to bad values
  • Error serialization reflecting input data structure


cargo add not-so-fast # --features derive serde

Available cargo features:

  • derive - enables Validate derive macro, disabled by default
  • serde - enables serde::Serialize implementation for ValidationNode, disabled by default


use not_so_fast::{Validate, ValidationNode, ValidationError};

struct User {
    #[validate(custom = alpha_only, char_length(max = 30))]
    nick: String,
    #[validate(range(min = 15, max = 100))]
    age: u8,
    #[validate(length(max = 3), items(char_length(max = 50)))]
    cars: Vec<String>,

fn alpha_only(s: &str) -> ValidationNode {
        s.chars().any(|c| !c.is_alphanumeric()),
        || ValidationError::with_code("alpha_only")

let user = User {
    nick: "**tom1980**".into(),
    age: 200,
    cars: vec![

let node = user.validate();
        ".age: range: Number not in range: max=100, min=15, value=200",
        ".cars: length: Invalid length: max=3, value=4",
        ".cars[2]: char_length: Invalid character length: max=50, value=55",
        ".nick: alpha_only",


not-so-fast/examples/manual.rs explains how to write custom validators.

not-so-fast/examples/derive.rs shows how to use Validator derive macro.

Compared to validator

not-so-fast attempts to fix issues I stumbled upon when working with the popular https://github.com/Keats/validator crate. APIs of the two libraries are similar, but not compatible. Here are the differences of not-so-fast:

  • Validator composition - Composing validators in not-so-fast is simple, since all values - numbers, strings, objects, lists - report validation errors using the same type - ValidationNode.
  • Essential validators - not-so-fast comes with only the essential validators. You're expected to write custom validators to test data against your domain's rules.
  • Enum support - Validate derive macro works with structs and enums.
  • Duck typing - Validate derive macro does not look at field types whatsoever. To validate data inside containers, you give derive macro hints on how to access the data (some, items, fields attributes). In return, not-so-fast will work with third-party container types, as long as they have std-like API.


  • Add matches derive validator for testing strings against regular expressions
  • Add is_some/required derive validator for testing options
  • Consider moving derive validators from not-so-fast-derive to not-so-fast for better code reusability


Licensed under either of Apache License, Version 2.0 or MIT license at your option.

Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in this crate by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.