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Read commonly used Nintendo file formats

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Read commonly used Nintendo file formats.

Please refer to the Wiki: https://github.com/Kinnay/Nintendo-File-Formats/wiki

All file formats are behind feature flags. Here is a list of available Nintendo file format features:

bfres, sarc

You can also enable additional features:

tar_ninres: write Nintendo resource to tar ball.

zstd: ZSTD decompression.

All features of this crate can be compiled to WebAssembly.


Enable desired features in Cargo.toml.

ninres = { version = "*", features = ["bfres", "sarc", "zstd"] }

In your main.rs.

use std::fs::read;
use ninres::{NinRes, NinResFile};

let buffer = read("foo.pack")?;
let ninres = buffer.as_ninres()?;

match &ninres {
    NinResFile::Bfres(_bfres) => {}
    NinResFile::Sarc(_sarc) => {}

Write to tar

Convert resource into tar buffer. This buffer can then e.g. be stored in a file.

The mode parameter refers to the file mode within the tar ball.


use ninres::{sarc::Sarc, IntoTar};
use std::{fs::{read, File}, io::Write};

let sarc_file = Sarc::new(&read("./assets/M1_Model.pack")?)?;
let tar = sarc_file.into_tar(0o644)?;

let mut file = File::create("M1_Model.tar")?;


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