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bin+lib nft-server

A simple, minimal NFT metadata generation trait, and a batteries-included metadata server

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0.1.1 Sep 23, 2022
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NFT Server

Simple rust lib for NFT Metadata, and a basic axum server for delivering it

$ cargo build
$ cargo clippy
$ cargo run --bin example


Implement a MetadataGenerator that asynchronously maps a token ID to token metadata, then call serve to serve it. See bin/example.rs as well as the crate::generators::disk::LocalJson generator

Consuming crates need to depend on the following:

  • async_trait
  • url (for convenience, the Url struct is re-exported)
  • ethers (for convenience the U256 struct is re-rexported)

Built-in server

The axum feature (on by default) adds a minimal axum server preconfigured to serve token metadata.

After instantiating your metadata generator, you can serve it over http as follows:

use nft_server::prelude::*;

async main() {
    let my_generator = ...;
    let addr = ([0, 0, 0, 0], 8080);
    serve_generator(my_generator, addr).await;

This server has the following routes:

  • /healthcheck - returns 200
  • / - calls MetadataGenerator::contract_metadata() and returns the result
  • /:token_id - as a decimal number. Calls MetadataGenerator::metadata_for(token_id) and returns the result

e.g. localhost:8080/0 will return json metadata for token 0


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