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Multithreaded cli tool similar in use to tree, with optional logging and CSV output

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Nextree is a multithreaded (leveraging parallel iterators and threadpool from the rayon crate) and cross-platform command-line utility similar in function to tree, with logging and CSV output. Presently it logs file paths, create, and modify times as reported by the filesyste


cargo install nextree

or clone this repository and run

cargo build --release && cp target/release/nextree <desired location e.g. /usr/local/bin>


Set the log level using the RUST_LOG environment variable, either by exporting it or by prepending it to the command. RUST_LOG=OFF or RUST_LOG=INFO are recommended for maximum performance, or RUST_LOG=debug for a more informative output.

    nextree [OPTIONS] --path <PATH>

    -h, --help                 Print help information
    -o, --outfile <OUTFILE>    CSV file to output to [default: out.csv]
    -p, --path <PATH>          Root path whose children (files and directories) we want to index


RUST_LOG=INFO nextree -p /home -o ~/Documents/nextree_out.csv


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