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This application is under development, commands/API may change


To install netutil in your system you must clone the repository, build the package targeting release and run cargo install.

Install de binary using cargo

cargo install netutil

Check installation

$ netutil --version


As this is a cargo binary, you can easily uninstall the package issuing cargo uninstall --bin netutil.


netutil is a simple port sniffer tool, which helps to know which ports are open in a given range by attempting to open TCP connections. To test a single address you must run:

$ netutil

This command will return an output similar to the following:

> - Open

This output means that the port 8080 is open in the IP address (local IP address),

A set of ports can also be tested using the -r argument, which stands for "range":

$ netutil -r 8100

The range is made from the target address port until the range argument value port. In the case above the range would be [8080, 8100].

As a set of ports are going to be tested, a confirmation is prompted before initializing the task:

$ netutil -r 8100
> Are you sure you want to scan on from port 8080 to 8100? (y/n):

If no ports are available after executing the task, then a message like the following will appear:

> No ports open in address for the port range 8080 to 8100

Otherwise a list of available addresses is shown:

> - Open
> - Open
> - Open
> - Open
> - Open


time cargo run -- -r 65535

Are you sure you want to scan on from port 3000 to 65535? (y/n): y
Scanning on
Open ports:
cargo run -- -r 65535  5,14s user 10,79s system 165% cpu 9,601 total


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