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Cross-platform PKCS#11 module written in rust. Can be extended with custom credential backends.

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pkcs11 module for native credential stores

native-pkcs11 is a crate for building PKCS#11 modules. Its primary use-case is authenticating with client certificates. native-pkcs11 aims to support native certificate stores (MacOS Keychain, Windows Platform Key Provider) out of the box. It can also be extended with a custom backend (see this section).

Host Software Compatibility

Software compatibility is a core goal of native-pkcs11. It is currently tested with

  • openssh
  • openvpn
  • Chrome
  • Firefox

If a native-pkcs11 module does not work for your software, please file an issue.

Building a Custom Backend

The native_pkcs11_traits::Backend trait can be implemented to add support for a new credential store. Backends are registered in the exported C_GetFunctionList function. In order to register your own backend, enable the custom-function-list feature on native-pkcs11 and export the method from your crate. For example:

pub extern "C" fn C_GetFunctionList(ppFunctionList: CK_FUNCTION_LIST_PTR_PTR) -> CK_RV {
    native_pkcs11_traits::register_backend(Box::new(backend::MyBackend {}));
    unsafe { *ppFunctionList = &mut FUNC_LIST };
    return CKR_OK;


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