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The tracklist manager for the music player

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Music Player (written in Rust)

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Note: This is a work in progress. 🏗️🚧

This is a simple music player that I made for my own use. It is written in Rust and uses rodio, symphonia, and gRPC libraries.
Music is played through the server's audio device. The daemon stores info about all available music, and this info can be easily searched and retrieved. Like mpd or Mopidy but written in Rust.


Compiling from source, without Nix:

# Install dependencies
brew install protobuf # macOS
sudo apt-get install -y libasound2-dev protobuf-compiler # Ubuntu/Debian
choco install protoc # Windows using Chocolatey Package Manager
# Compile
git clone https://github.com/tsirysndr/music-player.git
cd music-player/webui/musicplayer
nvm install # install node version specified in .nvmrc (optional on windows)
bun install && bun run build # build webui
cd ../..
cargo install --path .

With Nix:

git clone https://github.com/tsirysndr/music-player.git
cd music-player
nix develop --experimental-features "nix-command flakes"
cd webui/musicplayer
bun install && bun run build # build webui
cd ../..
cargo install --path .


Using Homebrew:

brew install tsirysndr/tap/musicplayer

Using Nix:

nix profile install --experimental-features "nix-command flakes" github:tsirysndr/music-player

Or download the latest release for your platform here.

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Start the server



    music-player [SUBCOMMAND]

    -h, --help       Print help information
    -V, --version    Print version information

    albums      List all albums
    artists     List all artists
    help        Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
    next        Play the next song
    pause       Pause the current song
    open        Open audio file
    playlist    Manage playlists
    prev        Play the previous song
    queue       Manage the queue
    play        Resume the current song
    scan        Scan music library: $HOME/Music
    search      Search for a song, album, artist or playlist
    stop        Stop the current song
    tracks      List all tracks


# Start the server

Open http://localhost:5053/graphiql in your browser.


  • Play music from specified path
  • Configuration file support
  • gRPC API for controlling the player
  • Scan music library
  • Play/Pause/Stop music
  • Next/Previous track
  • Create/Delete playlists
  • Music Player Client
  • Terminal UI (using tui-rs)
  • GraphQL API
  • Web UI
  • Desktop version (using gtk-rs)
  • Android Library (See songbird-android and songbird-android-rs)
  • iOS Library
  • Mobile version (React Native)
  • Stream to Chromecast
  • Stream to Airplay
  • Stream to Kodi
  • Stream to UPnP Media Renderer
  • Stream from Youtube (audio only)
  • Stream from Spotify
  • Stream from Soundcloud
  • Stream from Deezer
  • Stream from DatPiff
  • Stream from Tidal
  • Stream from MyVazo

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