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pptx file format deserializer

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A library to deserialize pptx files in Rust.

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msoffice-pptx-rs is a low level deserializer for Microsoft's OfficeOpen XML pptx file format. It's still WIP, so expect API breaking changes.

The Office Open XML file formats are described by the ECMA-376 standard. The types represented in this library are generated from the Transitional XML Schema's, which is described in ECMA-376 4th edition Part 4, "pml.xsd" file.

Documentation is generated from the "Ecma Office Open XML Part 1 - Fundamentals And Markup Language Reference.pdf" file, found in ECMA-376 4th edition Part 1

Simple usage

extern crate msoffice_pptx;

use msoffice_pptx::document::PPTXDocument;

pub fn main() {
  let document = PPTXDocument::from_file(Path::new("test.pptx")).unwrap();
  for (slide_path, slide) in &document.slide_map {
    // Do something with slides


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