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Rust WASM wrapper for msal-browser.js

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Rust + WASM + msal-browser

Rust wrapper for msal-browser.js.

Methods names all match the js but with snake case, but unlike the js instead of a single PublicClientApplication type there are two app types:

  • PopupApp
  • RedirectApp

The PopupApp is a the default feature: if you want to use the RedirectApp it is behind the redirect feature:

msal_browser = { version = "0.2.0", features = ["redirect"] }

There are a huge amount of Configuration options so the rust side uses a builder pattern. You can also use a js Object and call Configuration::unchecked_from.

To use:

const CLIENT_ID: &str = "CLIENT_ID";
const AUTHORITY: &str = "AUTHORITY";

// Setup App
let auth_options = BrowserAuthOptions::new(CLIENT_ID).set_authority(AUTHORITY);
let config = Configuration::new(auth_options);
let client_app = PopupApp::new(config);

// Define some scopes
let scopes = ["User.Read"];

// Login
let auth_res = client_app.login_popup().await.unwrap();
let auth_res = client_app.login_popup_with_scopes(&scopes).await.unwrap();

// Account Info
let account = client_app.get_account_by_username("username").unwrap();
let account = client_app.get_account_by_home_id("home_id").unwrap();
let accounts = &client_app.get_all_accounts();

// Requests
let auth_request = AuthorizationUrlRequest::new(&scopes[..]).set_login_hint(account.username());
let silent_request = SilentRequest::new(&scopes[..], &account);
let end_session_request = EndSessionRequest::new();

// SSO sign in
let sso_auth_result = client_app.sso_silent(&auth_request).await.unwrap();

// Popup token
let token = client_app.acquire_token_popup(&auth_request).await.unwrap();

// Silent token
let silent_token = client_app

// Logout


There is an example app that uses the fantastic dominator dom library.


Curently there are tests that can be run using ./run_tests.sh or wasm-pack test --safari --headless -- --features "popup redirect


Needs node installed to build. Currently published to crates.io using --no-verify: this is because the build.rs requires all the node modules installed to run successfully and is modifying files outside of OUT_DIR for buildng the js. Since version 2.12 they switched to using preserveModules = true 3563 which means that the old index.es.js file doesn't exist and instead modules imports are left. So now I am using Rollup to generate the required file to link to in rust with bindgen.


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