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A command-line client for controlling squeezelite via MPRIS

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mprisqueeze is a wrapper over squeezelite. It starts squeezelite in the background and exposes an MPRIS interface to control it with MPRIS clients such as playerctl.

By default, mprisqueeze will try to discover the LMS server on the local network. To specify a host and a port:

$ mprisqueeze -H somehost -P 9000

The default command line for squeezelite is: squeezelite -n SqueezeLite. It starts squeezelite registering itself on LMS with the name SqueezeLite. To use another name, one can use:

$ mprisqueeze -p my-player

The command to start squeezelite can be changed with the last arguments, preceded by a --, for example:

$ mprisqueeze -- squeezelite -f ./squeezelite.log -n {}

Note that mprisqueeze must know the name squeezelite will use. Therefore the squeezelite command line must contains the string {}. It is replaced by the player name when starting the process.


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