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data types for (de)serializing motion sync settings from motionsync3.json files

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What is it?

Rust data types for (de)serializing motion sync settings from motionsync3.json files

How do I obtain this majestic tool?

Run the following Cargo command in your project directory (assuming you have cargo-edit installed):

cargo add motionsync3

Or add the following line to your Cargo.toml (in the [dependencies] array):

motionsync3 = "^ 0.2"

How do I use it?

use motionsync3::MotionSync3;

fn main() {
  let json = std::fs::read_to_string("./path/to/some.motionsync3.json").unwrap();
  let motionsync3: MotionSync3 = serde_json::from_str(&json).unwrap();

How was this made?

Using the discovery process for undocumented JSON formats described here.


motionsync3 is available under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for the full text.

While the license is short, it's still written in fancy lawyer-speak. If you prefer more down-to-earth language, consider the following:

  • tl;drLegal has a simple visual summary available here.
  • FOSSA has a more in-depth overview available here.


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