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This crate is a Monzo client in pure rust.

It's ergonomic, strongly-typed, and asynchronous.

In order to use this client, you will first need to get an access token and/or refresh token for the Monzo API (see the monzo API docs)


use monzo::{Client, Result};

async fn main() -> Result<()> {

    // You can create a simple monzo client using only an access token
    let quick_client = Client::quick("ACCESS_TOKEN");

    // get a list of accounts
    let accounts = quick_client.accounts().await?;

    // get the id of one of the accounts
    let account_id = &accounts[0].id;

    // get the balance of that account
    let balance = quick_client.balance(account_id).await?;

    // or a list of transactions
    let transactions = quick_client.transactions(account_id).await?;

    // If you have a refresh token and client credentials
    // you can create or upgrade a client which is capable
    // of refreshing its own access token.
    let mut refreshable_client = quick_client.with_refresh_tokens(




see the following issue tags for good starting points for contributions

or checkout the project board

There are a couple of small gaps in the API surface, but the majority of the endpoints are already supported. If you need a piece of functionality that is not yet implemented, please open an issue or even better, a pull request.

License: Apache-2.0


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