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mommy can now support you with 🪖type-safety🪖 and 🚀blazingly-fast🚀 speed~ ❤️

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mommy can now support you with 🪖type-safety🪖 and 🚀blazingly-fast🚀 speed~ ❤️

mommy will compliment you if things go well and will support you if something doesn't

installation 📲

currently mommy-rs isn't available anywhere but don't worry you can still install her with: cargo install --git https://github.com/natawie/mommy-rs

usage 📜

    mommy-rs [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -s, --stdout     Prints to stdout instead of stderr
    -V, --version    Prints version information

    -e, --exit-code <exit-code>    Determines which type of response to print based on the exit code [default: 0]

shell integration

to integrate mommy-rs into your shell you just need to add the following to your shell's config:

  • zsh
    precmd() { mommy-rs -s -e $? }
  • bash
    PROMPT_COMMAND="mommy-rs -s -e \$?; $PROMPT_COMMAND"
  • others
    export PS1="\$(mommy-rs -s -e \$?)$PS1"

configuration ⚙️

configuration is done through environment variables:

RUST_MOMMY_POSITIVE_RESPONSES: mommy's positive respones : a semicolon separated string with placeholders following the response format

RUST_MOMMY_NEGATIVE_RESPONSES: mommy's negative respones : a semicolon separated string with placeholders following the response format

RUST_MOMMY_PRONOUNS : mommy's pronouns : a semicolon separated string of 3 pronouns(nominative, accusative, genitive)

RUST_MOMMY_NAME : mommy's name : a string

RUST_MOMMY_USERS_NAMES : names that mommy will call you : a semicolon separated string

RUST_MOMMY_RESPONSE_COLOUR : message colour : a comma separated RGB string

RUST_MOMMY_ONLY_NEGATIVE : mommy will only support you when something goes wrong : "true" || "false"

RUST_MOMMY_ONLY_POSITIVE : mommy will only compliment you : "true" || "false"

response format 📖

  • {0} - mommy's name
  • {1} - mommy's pronouns
    • {1.0} - mommy's nominative pronoun(he/she/it/they/etc.)
    • {1.1} - mommy's accusative pronoun(him/her/it/them/etc.)
    • {1.2} - mommy's genitive pronoun(his/her/its/their/etc.)
  • {2} - user's name

example: {0} is so proud of {1.2} little {2}~ ❤️ -> mommy is so proud of her little girl~ ❤️

acknowledgements 💖

if anything's wrong, please open up an issue or contact me wherever

mommy thanks Brodie Robertson for making a video about sudofox's shell-mommy... otherwise i would've never known that there's such a thing

mommy thanks Gankra for creating cargo-mommy which is the original mommy

mommy thanks FWDekker for creating mommy from which i've gotten a few ideas and pinched some others(like this acknowledgements section... shush)


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