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CLI to compile MML messages to MIME messages and interpret MIME messages as MML messages

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📫 MIME Meta Language Crates.io Matrix

CLI to compile MML messages to MIME messages and interpret MIME messages as MML messages, based on mml-lib.


  • MML to MIME messages compilation (mml compile --help)
  • MIME to MML messages interpretation (mml interpret --help)


Packaging status
# Cargo
$ cargo install mml-cli

# Nix
$ nix-env -i mml

See the documentation for other installation methods.


Please read the documentation.


If you want to report a bug that does not exist yet, please send an email at ~soywod/pimalaya@todo.sr.ht.

If you want to propose a feature or fix a bug, please send a patch at ~soywod/pimalaya@lists.sr.ht using git send-email. Follow this guide to configure git properly.

If you just want to discuss about the project, feel free to join the Matrix workspace #pimalaya.mml or contact me directly @soywod. You can also use the mailing list [send an email|subscribe|unsubscribe].



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