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bin+lib mklink

A mklink binary (not through cmd.exe) for Windows and a Linux version for WSL to create Windows-WSL compatible symlinks

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0.1.0 Oct 13, 2019

MIT license

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This is primarily a way to easily call mklink from WSL. Linux symlinks created in WSL are incompatible with Windows, but Windows symlinks and directory junctions are compatible with WSL, so creating symlinks through mklink is preferable.

mklink has to be called through cmd.exe, however, and doesn't appear to be a standalone binary. When I tried to call cmd.exe /C mklink [...args] from WSL, it worked in bash but not programmatically, so I'm creating a better solution here instead.

This Rust project, when compiled for Windows, creates a Windows executable, mklink.exe, that recreates the functionality of mklink in cmd.exe, just in a standalone binary, by calling the Win32 APIs directly.

When compiled for Linux (assuming WSL), it creates a mklink binary that converts WSL paths to Windows paths and then execs mklink.exe.


     mklink [FLAGS] <target> <link>
     -d, --dir
     -f, --file
     -h, --hard
         --help       Prints help information
     -V, --version    Prints version information


You need to clone the repo and then run cargo install --path . both from Windows (PowerShell) and from WSL. To do this, you need to have Rust installed both on Windows and WSL. You could also try cross-compiling, but I think this way is easier.


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