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Media conversion and mirror tool

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MirrorMan aims to provide a seamless solution for mirroring and converting a large hierarchy of files.

You might use this for:

  • Converting your lossless audio library to smaller MP3s to be taken on the go (see example_filter.sh)
  • Turning your SD card full of raw images into the things normal people can view


To make a new mirror: mirrorman init {source} {mirror_path} [filters...]

To sync existing mirrors, from within a directory with .mmdb files: mirrorman sync


Filters are the core of the conversion side of things.

They tell mirrorman if a file should be converted and the new file extension after conversion.

(They also perform the actual important conversion part.)

A filter is just an executable program that has two operation modes:

  • {filter} ext {input_extension} -> output_extension: Prints the desired extension, or returns an error code if the filter doesn't care about the input file.
  • {filter} run {input} {ouput}: Converts the input file to the output file.

It's really that simple!

Refer to the example filter for specifics.


  • Use timestamp comparisons before hash comparisons on database
  • Better way of a filter ignoring a file, error codes should ideally be used for errors not passing info


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