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0.1.0 Nov 22, 2021
0.0.4 Oct 3, 2021
0.0.3 Sep 19, 2021

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A reverse proxy supporting multiple cache policies, customized rules, configuration hot reloading. For mirror sites and also personal users!

docs | demo server


  • Cache your dependencies in limited space with LRU/TTL cache policies
  • Reload updated config without restarting the program
  • Support customized rules
  • Expose metrics like cache hit rate per rule, task count and more
  • Support multiple storage backend (memory, local filesystem and S3)

Quick start

  1. Download the latest release
    or install with cargo:

     cargo install mirror-cache

    or pull from docker hub:

     docker pull seanchao/mirror-cache
  2. Prepare a configuration file

  3. Try it out! e.g

    pip install -i http://localhost:9000 requests
    conda install -c http://localhost:9000 requests
    conda config --set custom_channels.pytorch http://localhost:9000/anaconda/cloud/ && conda install -c pytorch -y --download-only -v torchtext


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