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Raw FFI bindings to the minimp3_ex library

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Rust FFI bindings to the minimp3_ex library

This crate provides raw FFI bindings to the minimp3_ex library for reading MP3 audio files.

Following the *-sys package conventions, the minimp3_ex-sys crate does not define higher-level abstractions over the native minimp3_ex library functions.

The minimp3 project (https://github.com/lieff/minimp3) provides two header-only libraries:

  • minimp3.h contains only the two functions mp3dec_init() and mp3dec_decode_frame() (and the necessary type definitions).
  • minimp3_ex.h (which includes minimp3.h) is a bit less "mini" and contains many more functions, including for opening files, seeking, using buffers, using callback functions, ...

This crate provides bindings for all functions from both header files.

If you only need the minimp3.h functionality, you can also use the minimp3-sys crate.

There are also some higher-level crates based on minimp3.h:

And of course https://crates.io/ provides a multitude of further MP3-related libraries for Rust.


Add this to your Cargo.toml:

minimp3_ex-sys = "0.1"


The feature float-output changes the output data type (mp3d_sample_t) from i16 to f32.

WARNING: This feature doesn't behave like typical Cargo features because it is not additive. If multiple instances of minimp3_ex-sys appear in the dependency tree and at least one of them has the float-output feature enabled, it will be enabled for all instances (probably leading to compiler errors). Hopefully, this doesn't happen in practice.

The function mp3dec_f32_to_s16() is only available if the float-output feature is enabled.

The functions ending in _w are only available on Windows.

Building the minimp3_ex library

When building this crate, the minimp3_ex library is automatically built as well, using the cc crate.

Auto-generating the Rust bindings

The Rust bindings have already been auto-generated with bindgen (using the bindgen/run-bindgen.sh script) and are part of this crate (see src/bindings.rs).


If you want to report a problem or suggest an improvement, please go to https://github.com/mgeier/minimp3_ex-sys. Contributions are always welcome!