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lightweight cli tool minibreak to wash your eyes before taking a break during heavy work

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MiniBreak is a simple, intuitive command-line application designed to give programmers and computer users a quick and easy way to clear their screen and take a short, refreshing break. When you type minibreak and hit enter, the application minimizes all open windows, revealing your desktop adorned with the latest Bing wallpaper. It's the perfect tool to help you step back, relax, and declutter your digital workspace momentarily.


Instructions on how to install MiniBreak.

cargo install minibreak


After installation, simply type minibreak in your command line and press enter. Your windows will minimize, and your desktop wallpaper will update to the latest Bing image. minibreak


  • Minimize All Windows: Clears your screen of all open applications and windows with a single command.
  • Latest Bing Wallpaper: Sets your desktop background to the latest Bing wallpaper, providing a fresh and beautiful scene for your break.
  • Simple Command: Just type minibreak and hit enter - it's that easy.


MiniBreak is currently only available to minimize all open windows on Windows and MacOS, if you're running a different operating system, please fork the repository and modify the code to suit your needs.


Contributions to MiniBreak are welcome! Feel free to fork the repository, make changes, and submit pull requests. If you find any issues or have suggestions for improvements, please open an issue in the GitHub repository.


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