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Simple SQL migration manager for your project

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Simple SQL migration manager for your project.


cargo install migra-cli

If you want to use dotenv for configure migra cli, just run the following in your terminal.

cargo install migra-cli --features dotenv

Each supported database is located in separate features with a similar name. The default is postgres. For example, if you only want to work with mysql, you need to disable postgres and enable mysql.

cargo install migra-cli --no-default-features --features mysql


A few steps to get you started

  1. Initialize migra configuration (Optional)
    migra init
  2. Make your first migration
    migra make initial_migration
  3. Check applied and pending migrations
    migra ls
  4. Upgrade your database
    migra up

For more information about the commands, simply run migra help

Supported databases

Database Feature Default
Postgres postgres ✔️
MySQL mysql
Sqlite sqlite


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