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Result extension to add more meaning to unwrapping

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Meticulous - better unwrapping

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melticulous = "0.1.0"

This crate provides extensions to Result type with additional unwrapping methods, which have more meaning compared to standard expect and unwrap.

Different "unwrapping" cases may have different meaning. Some of them need to be fixed later, others don't. You may also want to easily find different types of unwrapping using a simple code search. Using different unwrapping methods from this crate helps writing and maintaining the code.


At the early stage, you don't want to care about handling all the errors, happy-path scenarios may be enough. todo can be used in such cases.


assured can be used when you are sure that Result will never fail. For example, some type conversions is never intend to fail on operating system you target.


Sometimes you check all conditions which may lead to failure, before doing the particular operation. In this case verified can be used.

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