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CLI tool to query the menu of canteens contained in the OpenMensa database

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0.5.0 Oct 31, 2021

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MIT license

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CLI tool to query the menu of canteens contained in the OpenMensa database.


  • Runs on Linux, macOS and Windows.
  • Custom filters and favourites using CLI flags or the optional configuration file.
  • List canteens close to you based on GeoIP.
  • All request are cached locally.
  • Fuzzy date parsing based on date_time_parser.
  • List your favourite meals in canteens close to your location.
  • JSON Output




Only nightly Rust supported at the moment.

$ cargo install --git https://github.com/MalteT/mensa


This is a Nix Flake, add it to your configuration or just test the application with:

$ nix run github:MalteT/mensa


See mensa --help.

  • mensa meals will show meals served today for the default canteen mentioned in the configuration. If no such configuration exists, try mensa meals --id 63. You can find the id for your canteen using
  • mensa canteens lists canteens near you based on your current IP in a default radius of 10km.
  • mensa tags will list the currently known meal tags like "12 Nuts".


Meals on monday (Click me!)

You can omit the -i/--id if you've configured a default id in the config.toml.

$ mensa meals -d mon -i 63

 Leipzig, Mensa am Park
  ├─╴Gemüsebeilage 🌱
  ╰╴( 0.55€ )
Canteens near your location (Click me!)
$ mensa canteens

70 Leipzig, Cafeteria Dittrichring
   Dittrichring 21, 04109 Leipzig

63 Leipzig, Mensa am Park
   Universitätsstraße 5, 04109 Leipzig
All currently known tags (Click me!)
$ mensa tags

   0 Acidifier
     Contains artificial acidifier

   1 Alcohol
     Contains alcohol

   2 Antioxidant
     Contains an antioxidant
Meals of canteens close to your location next sunday (Click me!)
$ mensa meals close --date sun

 Leipzig, Cafeteria Dittrichring
  ╭───╴Vegetarisch gefüllte Zucchini
  ├─╴Vegetarisches Gericht 🧀
  ╰╴( 2.65€ )  2 11 12 19

 Leipzig, Mensa am Park
  ├─╴Gemüsebeilage 🌱
  ╰╴( 0.55€ )  2
Count OpenMensa's canteens (Click me!)
$ mensa canteens --all --json | jq '.[].id' | wc -l

Configuration (Optional)

See config.toml for an example. Copy the file to:

  • $XDG_CONFIG_DIR/mensa/config.toml on Linux,
  • $HOME/Library/Application Support/mensa/config.toml on macOS,
  • {FOLDERID_RoamingAppData}\mensa\config.toml on Windows

License: MIT


~525K SLoC