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Bindings to the MemoryModule library for loading libraries from memory on Windows

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Rust Bindings to Memory Module Library

This repository contains low-level Rust bindings to the library at https://github.com/fancycode/MemoryModule that facilitates loading Windows PE files from memory on Windows. i.e. it allows you to import a DLL/EXE from a &[u8] without requiring the library to be backed by a file.

The Rust library simply compiles the upstream library and declares extern "C" unsafe bindings to it. This being a -sys crate, that is all it will ever do: higher-level bindings would exist in a separate crate.


This crate is licensed under the same terms as the MemoryModule library, which is MPL 2.0.

The MemoryModule library is maintained by Joachim Bauch.


Load DLLs/EXEs from memory on Windows.

This crate declares a library interface to https://github.com/fancycode/MemoryModule.

The initial developer of the original code is Joachim Bauch. See the copyright in the vendored .c/.h files for a more detailed copyright notice.