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Memo CLI 📝

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Introduction 🌟

Memo is a command-line interface (CLI) application that allows you to manage notes and reminders right from your terminal.

Features 🚀

  • Add Memos: Effortlessly add new memos with a simple command. 📥
  • List Memos: View all your saved memos in an organized list. 📋
  • Remove Memos: Clean up your memo list by deleting items you no longer need. 🗑️
  • Cross-Platform: Uniform experience across Windows, macOS, and Linux. 💻
  • Fast and Lightweight: Built in Rust, ensuring Memo is speedy and resource-efficient. ⚡

Installation 🛠️

Ensure you have Rust installed on your machine. If not, download it from the official Rust website.

With Rust set up, install Memo using Cargo:

cargo install memo

Usage 💡

Contributing 🤝

Contributions are more than welcome! If you've got ideas for improvements or have found bugs, feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request.

License 📄

Memo is open-sourced under the MIT License. For more information, please refer to the LICENSE file.


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