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Quickly preview local markdown files in browser with GitHub-like look.

Doesn't use GitHub API, but just compiles markdown to HTML in Rust.


Install from crates.io:

cargo install mdopen

or directly from this repo:

cargo install --git https://github.com/immanelg/mdopen.git


Start the server and open files in Firefox:

mdopen README.md TODO.md -b firefox

This will open files on addresses http://localhost:5032/README.md and http://localhost:5032/TODO.md.

You access any markdown files relative to the current working directory.

You can also browse current directory if you access / or other directory path.


  • Compile GitHub-flavoured markdown to HTML
  • Steal GitHub CSS, automatic dark/light mode
  • Open files in the default browser automatically
  • Directory listing / serve any files in the filesystem
  • Syntax Highlighting (via highlight.js)
  • Render LaTeX (via KaTeX)
  • Output to standalone HTML files
  • Live reloading via WS/SSE (tiny_http -> hyper)

Feedback and pull requests are welcome.


grip is similar.


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