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A backend for mdbook which will check your links for you

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MDBook Link-Check

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A backend for mdbook which will check your links for you. For use alongside the built-in HTML renderer.

Getting Started

First you'll need to install mdbook-linkcheck.

cargo install mdbook-linkcheck

If you don't want to install from source (which often takes a while) you can grab an executable from GitHub Releases or use this line of curl to download a release bundle and install it in the ./mdbook-linkcheck directory:

mkdir -p mdbook-linkcheck && cd "$_" && \
  curl -L https://github.com/Michael-F-Bryan/mdbook-linkcheck/releases/latest/download/mdbook-linkcheck.x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.zip -o mdbook-linkcheck.zip && \
  unzip "$_" && \
  chmod +x mdbook-linkcheck && \
  export PATH=$PWD:$PATH && \
  cd ..

(note: you may need to replace the x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu with your platform's target triple)

Next you'll need to update your book.toml to let mdbook know it needs to use mdbook-linkcheck as a backend.

title = "My Awesome Book"
authors = ["Michael-F-Bryan"]



And finally you should be able to run mdbook build like normal and everything should Just Work.

$ mdbook build

Note: When multiple [output] items are specified, mdbook tries to ensure that each [output] gets its own sub-directory within the build-dir (book/ by default).

That means if you go from only having the HTML renderer enabled to enabling both HTML and the linkchecker, your HTML will be placed in book/html/ instead of just book/ like before.


The link checker's behaviour can be configured by setting options under the output.linkcheck table in your book.toml.


# Should we check links on the internet? Enabling this option adds a
# non-negligible performance impact
follow-web-links = false

# Are we allowed to link to files outside of the book's root directory? This
# may help prevent linking to sensitive files (e.g. "../../../../etc/shadow")
traverse-parent-directories = false

# If necessary, you can exclude one or more links from being checked with a
# list of regular expressions. The regex will be applied to the link href (i.e.
# the `./index.html` in `[some page](./index.html)`) so it can be used to
# ignore both web and filesystem links.
# Hint: you can use TOML's raw strings (single quote) to avoid needing to
# escape things twice.
exclude = [ 'google\.com' ]

# The User-Agent to use when sending web requests
user-agent = "mdbook-linkcheck-0.4.0"

# The number of seconds a cached result is valid for (12 hrs by default)
cache-timeout = 43200

# How should warnings be treated?
# - "warn" will emit warning messages
# - "error" treats all warnings as errors, failing the linkcheck
# - "ignore" will ignore warnings, suppressing diagnostic messages and allowing
#   the linkcheck to continuing
warning-policy = "warn"

# Extra HTTP headers that must be send to certain web sites
# in order to link check to succeed.
# This is a dictionary (map), with keys being regexes
# matching a set of web sites, and values being an array of
# the headers.
# Any hyperlink that contains this regexp will be sent
# the "Accept: text/html" header
'crates\.io' = ["Accept: text/html"]

# mdbook-linkcheck will interpolate environment variables into your header via
# If this is not what you want you must escape the `$` symbol, like `\$TOKEN`.
# `\` itself can also be escaped via `\\`.
# Note: If interpolation fails, the header will be skipped and the failure will
# be logged. This can be useful if a particular header isn't always necessary,
# but may be helpful (e.g. when working with rate limiting).
'website\.com' = ["Authorization: Basic $TOKEN"]

Continuous Integration

Incorporating mdbook-linkcheck into your CI system should be straightforward if you are already using mdbook to generate documentation.

For those using GitLab's built-in CI:

  stage: build
    name: michaelfbryan/mdbook-docker-image:latest
    entrypoint: [""]
    - mdbook build $BOOK_DIR
      - $BOOK_DIR/book/html
    # make sure GitLab doesn't accidentally keep every book you ever generate
    # indefinitely
    expire_in: 1 week

  image: busybox:latest
  stage: deploy
    - generate-book
    - cp -r $BOOK_DIR/book/html public
    - public
    - master

The michaelfbryan/mdbook-docker-image docker image is also available on Docker hub and comes with the latest version of mdbook and mdbook-linkcheck pre-installed.


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