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bin+lib mc_schem

A library to read, create, modify and write various Minecraft schematic files

5 stable releases

1.1.2 Apr 25, 2024
1.1.1 Feb 28, 2024
1.0.1 Feb 26, 2024

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A rust library to generate, load, manipulate and save minecraft schematic files.

Supported formats

Format Extension Load Save
Litematica .litematica
Vanilla structure .nbt
WorldEdit schem (1.13+) .schem
WorldEdit schem (1.12-) .schematic


  1. mc_schem (rlib)

    The main rust lib

  2. mc_schem (cdylib)

    C ffi for mc_schem

  3. mc_schem C++ wrapper

    A header-only c++ wrapper based on C ffi of mc_schem

  4. schemtool (executable)

    An executable to do various manipulations on schematics


  1. Build with cargo directly (no c/c++ files)

    cargo build # debug
    cargo build --release #release
  2. Build with cmake (with c/c++ files)

    mkdir build
    cmake -S . -B build -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DMC_SCHEM_RUST_TARGET=default -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=install
    cmake --build build --parallel
    cmake --install build


~269K SLoC