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Convert stdin into a "marquee" style output

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marquee is a CLI tool that will convert each line of input into a "marquee" style output (see below for example). Marquee is designed for usage in user-facing output, though it is also possible to have it create a list of marquee output, using marquee -ld0.

GIF of marquee usage


Install using Cargo:

cargo install marquee


echo "Hello World" | marquee

See marquee --help for advanced usage.


If specifying the --json flag, the json values are as follows:

    "content": "required string", // The content of the string that will be rotating
    "prefix": "optional string",  // The prefix before the string
    "suffix": "optional string",  // The suffix after the string
    "rotate": "optional boolean"  // If the string should rotate (default: true)

Note: If specifying both --prefix and prefix in the JSON or --suffix and suffix in the JSON, then the output will take the form of {global_prefix}{prefix}{content}{suffix}{global_suffix}


Some of the todo items that I have in mind (feel free to create issues for more or PRs to implement these)

  • Better documentation
  • Make JSON a feature rather than enabled by default
    • This would probably keep the --json arg, but give a useful message, similar to how exa does with their --git arg.
    • Ideally it would remove serde from the build all together
  • Convert all unwrap/expect to properly handle errors
  • Add more features to the JSON input (I'm not 100% on these)
    • speed: u64 - The speed at which the message should rotate
    • parts: &[String] - Parts that should rotate separately, this would require quite a large rewrite to be done well, I think
  • More CLI configuration
  • Perhaps a flag/subcommand that basically runs a better version of marquee -ld0 that works on each line of input.
    • This would be nice to use in scripts/pipelines where we don't want to output directly to the user, but perhaps save it into a file.
    • This is sort of possible with marquee -ld0, but it's not too elegant it doesn't work for multiple lines.
    • Ideally, we move it to not need multiple threads, as well
    • Perhaps we could make a function that returns an iterator that is used in all applications, something like MarqueeIter::new(line: String) that will be an Iterator<Item = String> where .next() calculates the next string. This would be infinite if --no-loop is not set.