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Generate Anki cards from Markdown notes

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Generate Anki cards from Markdown notes.

How it Works

A card consists of a specially-formatted comment followed by a prompt and response (front and back of a card):

<!-- marki[card] -->

Q. What is Marki?

A. A tool to generate Anki cards from Markdown notes.

See test.md for an example.

The syntax is inspired by Andy's notes.


Marki doesn't support:

  • Media files
  • Other note types (including cloze)
  • Rewording cards without creating duplicates (see genanki-rs#12)


Download a binary from the releases page, or build with Cargo:

cargo install marki


Usage: marki [OPTIONS] [FILE]...

  [FILE]...  Markdown files

  -d, --deck <DECK>      Deck name [default: Marki]
  -o, --output <OUTPUT>  Output file [default: marki.apkg]
  -v, --verbose
  -h, --help             Print help information

Motivation and Alternatives

This tool exists because most of the alternatives use syntax that isn't suitable for embedding in larger documents (e.g., using headers for questions) or are written in interpreted languages like Python or JavaScript. On the other hand, many of these alternatives are more featureful than Marki.


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