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FUSE driver using MangaDex API

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mangadex-fs crates.io

FUSE driver for your weeb needs.

This is a basic implementation of FUSE driver utilising MangaDex undocumented API. Manga information, chapters and individual pages are cached in memory so repeated requests don't accidently DDOS the server.


mangadex-fs consists of 2 binaries, the client part mangadex-fsc and the daemon part mangadex-fsd.

  1. cargo install mangadex-fs (or clone this repo),
  2. checkout mangadex-fsc --help / mangadex-fsd --help (or cargo run --release --bin mangadex-fsc -- --help) on how to use,
  3. please don't abuse MangaDex server, use with consideration,
  4. have fun reading.

Short example:

urmom@gay ~> mkdir ~/Manga
urmom@gay ~> mangadex-fsd ~/Manga
urmom@gay ~> mangadex-fsc login -u <username> -p <password>
urmom@gay ~> mangadex-fsc search --author "Dowman Sayman" --include anthology supernatural
 4261 Nickelodeon │ Dowman Sayman │ Not followed    │ 2 mo ago
20563 Melancholia │ Dowman Sayman │ Not followed    │ 2 mo ago
urmom@gay ~> mangadex-fsc manga add 20563
Manga Melancholia has been added.


  • You need to have FUSE installed, and its kernel module loaded: modprobe fuse.

  • Tested on Artix Linux, but should work on any Linux.

  • This version doesn't support any sort of API throttling/debouncing. For now.

  • Since fetching only the chapter page image size no longer works (curl -I image_url returns 405), every time your system issues a readdir call (basically ls) on a chapter directory, every image gets fetched in its entirety. You can imagine it can take some time. Also MangaDex servers get buried in requests.

    So if you're calling tree on the mountpoint directory, you are basically asking for an IP ban.

    The readdir can also happen if you're using some fancy command line shells (fish for example), even if you are not in the chapter directory, so be wary of this.

  • You can enable logging by setting RUST_LOG environment variable. More here.

  • If you encounter a socket error: Address already in use (os error 98), it means the socket file is still present in the runtime directory, you can remove it with rm $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/mangadex-fs/mangadex-fsd.sock.

  • You can place a configuration file in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/mangadex-fs/config.toml. It can be only provided with the socket file path and mountpoint for now, so it's mostly useless:

mountpoint = "/home/urmom/Manga/"
socket = "/run/user/1000/mangadex-fs/mangadex-fsd.sock"
  • API responses of resources (manga, chapters, pages) are cached, and there is no command for fetching updates currently. Searches, follows, mdlist are NOT cached.

  • cd <mountpoint>/<manga>/<chapter>
    feh --image-bg "black" -Z -. -d -S filename --version-sort

    creates a good reader. Obviously you need to have feh.

  • Your code is a dumpster fire

    I bet! This is my first time using Rust for something more complicated than Hello world. If you have any guidelines or want to contribute go ahead, any help would be appreciated. With all these mutexes flying around I have no idea what I'm doing.


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