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app manas_server_single_s3_wac

This binary crate provides a solid server with s3 backend, with wac access control

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0.1.0 Sep 28, 2023

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A Solid pod server recipe from Manas project.

This server serves a single pod over S3 backend, with WAC access-control-system.


Through Cargo

cargo install manas_server_single_s3_wac

Note that it performs entire compilation on your machine.


manas_server_single_s3_wac -c config.toml

Example configuration file is provided at config-template.toml.

It is required to configure owner webid. Currently Manas project doesn't include an identity provider. You may use one from any of the existing solid-oidc compliant idp. You may have to use local community solid server's idp, or any of the cloud services listed.

Note that, server by default applies an access control policy, allowing the access to only the configured owner. Only storage root is readable for public. You can customize from the databrowser.


~1M SLoC