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A Rust crate to write toy distributed systems with Maelstrom as Actors

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Uses new Rust 2021

0.1.0 Jan 23, 2022

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A crate that is providing an Actor model to develop toy distributed systems using Maelstrom.

What is Maelstrom?

Maelstrom is a workbench for learning distributed systems by writing your own. It uses the Jepsen testing library to test toy implementations of distributed systems.

Getting started

Examples following the official documentations can be found in the examples folder.

The crate exposes:

  • an Actor trait that you can implement:
  • a Runtime, that will run it.


use maelstrom_rs::actor::Actor;
use maelstrom_rs::message::{Request, Response};
use maelstrom_rs::error::Error;
use maelstrom_rs::runtime::Runtime;

fn main() {
   let node = EchoActor { node_id: None };
   let mut runtime = Runtime::new(Box::new(node));
   // runtime.start();

struct EchoActor {
    node_id: Option<String>,

impl Actor for EchoActor {
  fn init(&mut self, node_id: &str, _node_ids: Vec<String>) -> Result<(), Error> {
       self.node_id = Some(String::from(node_id));
       eprintln!("node {} initiated", node_id);

   fn receive(&mut self, message: &Request) -> Result<Vec<Response>, Error> {
       match message.message_type.as_str() {
           "echo" => unimplemented!(),
           _ => unimplemented!(),


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