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luster is a command line tool for setting the screen brightness on windows systems. It was developed for personal use and only tested on my personal laptop. This tool is provided with the hope that it may be useful to others as well.

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0.1.3 Feb 16, 2020
0.1.2 Feb 16, 2020
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Luster is a command line tool that prints or sets the screen brightness on a Windows computer.

The process of setting brightness on the command line in Windows requires several steps to determine the GUIDs involved. This program simply uses 'powercfg' to query the power state, finds the relevant GUIDs, and uses 'powercfg' to set the brightness to the desired value.


There are two ways to use luster- to get the brightness (providing no arguments) and to set the brightness (providing a single percent of the maximum brightness.

Note that the printout uses the Windows terminology that AC refers to wall power and DC refers to battery power. This program sets both with no option to set them individually.

luster 0.1.2
Set screen brightness in Windows.
With no arguments luster will print the current AC (wall power) brightness
and the DC (battery) brightness

    luster.exe [percent]

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

    <percent>    Brightness setting

For exmaple:

luster 80

Sets the brightness to 80% and


Would print

AS 80
DC 80


This tool was written to make it easier to set brightness on my Windows 10 laptop, and only tested on that computer. It is provided in the hope of being useful for others. The code assumes a certain content and formatting of the output of 'powercfg /q'.


This code is under either the MIT or APACHE 2 license, whichever you prefer.


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