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Uses old Rust 2015

0.1.0 Jan 29, 2023

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LSR - A Rust Implementation of LS for Windows(and possibly other platforms)

This is underdevelopment

Screenshots of lsr

Quick Start

For now, I only tested this code on the Windows platform. Feel free to test in any other platform and tell me the results! If you want run the project I recommend building it with Rust. You will need Rust installed.

Clone the project and in the same directory open console and:

cargo build
cargo run


Development Status
Testing Not done
CMD Arguments* Not done
Listing specific dir* Not done
Hiding dot files in default execution* Not done
Listing with subdirs* Not done

My plan basically is to implement the whole ls functionality in this program, so this roadmap will problaby get big very soon! *These will be CMD arguments.


Bug fixes

Any bug fixes are welcome. I am new to the rust language so when issuing a PR please consider describing the bug!


You can do a PR if you want to implement a feature from the roadmap! If testing is already a thing you should PR all your changes with testing.

Also, I want to stay to vanilla rust as possible, so if you introduce a new package, we can discuss the possibility.


You can issue a tip for me related to project structure, CI/Testing, Coding, etc. I'm new to the world of Open Source and I am open to learn.

Final Considerations

This is my first try at Open Source, I know there's probably a thousand better implementations of the LS command in Rust. But I want to experience how Open Source works :) Thanks for passing by!