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Cross-platform alternative to ls, specifically designed for programmers

My blog post about lsfp: blog.thenoah.dev/how-lsfp-was-created


  • License type detection
  • Colored files by extension
  • Collapsed build directories
  • Git integration
  • No external dependencies

What is it?

Replacement for the ls command with a bunch of helpful tools for developers

What is it not?

  • A complete replacement for ls (maybe one day)
  • Complete (still WIP)

What will it be?

Hopefully so much more.



You can install directly using Cargo with:

cargo install lsfp


To keep up-to-date with any changes, first clone this repo and cd into it:

git clone https://github.com/The-Noah/lsfp.git
cd lsfp

To build and install it on your system, run:

cargo install --path .

Now you can use lsfp from anywhere!


You can see an up-to-date usage by running the help command!

lsfp --help


Contributions are welcome and much appreciated! For more details you can view the CONTRIBUTING.md file.



Licensed under the MIT license.

No runtime deps