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a multi-threaded, low-bandwidth layer-7 Slow HTTP DOS tool

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loraxe is a low-bandwidth layer-7 HTTP DOS tool that handles connections in parallel. Written with 100% Safe Rust

🎁 Features

  • Fully Configurable CLI options via structopt
  • Colored logs, via pretty_env_logger (set RUST_LOG for more verbose logging)
  • Sockets are handled in parallel via rayon
  • Low-bandwidth usage
  • Built in DNS
  • SSL (Coming Soon)

🖧 DOS Modes

  • Slow HTTP (Slowloris): Holds connections open by slowly completing the http request after sending a complete header.
  • Slow POST: Sends a POST request with a content length of 1m and then sends random data at a rate of 1 byte / .
  • [WIP] Slow READ: Requests a file larger than a servers given send buffer (~65Kb - 124Kb) and then reads the result at a user defined rate.
  • UDP Flood mode: Sends a UDP packet to all ports on a given host. The host must respond with an error saying path not found. Which can cripple some machines

📦 Installation

The installation of lor-axe is easy if you have cargo installed.

Build from source:

git clone https://github.com/ajmwagar/lor-axe
cd lor-axe
cargo install --path .
loraxe --help

Use cargo:

cargo install loraxe

💯 Usage

# Start a Slowloris attack on with 200 concurrent connections
loraxe -p 8080 -s 200

# Start a HTTP POST attack on with 150 concurrent connections
loraxe --post

# Start a Slow READ attack on with 150 concurrent connections and a read buffer of 8 bytes
loraxe --read -b 8

# Print a help menu
loraxe --help


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