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LongPort OpenAPI SDK

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LongPort OpenAPI provides programmatic quote trading interfaces for investors with research and development capabilities and assists them to build trading or quote strategy analysis tools based on their own investment strategies. The functions fall into the following categories:

  • Trading - Create, amend, cancel orders, query today’s/past orders and transaction details, etc.
  • Quotes - Real-time quotes, acquisition of historical quotes, etc.
  • Portfolio - Real-time query of the account assets, positions, funds
  • Real-time subscription - Provides real-time quotes and push notifications for order status changes

This repo contains the following main components:

Name Document Description
Rust Doc LongPort OpenAPI for Rust (>= 1.56.1)
Python Doc LongPort OpenAPI for Python 3 (>= 3.7)
Node.js Doc LongPort OpenAPI for Node.js (>= 10)
Java Doc LongPort OpenAPI for Java (>= 1.8)
C Doc LongPort OpenAPI for C (>= C99)
C++ Doc LongPort OpenAPI for C++(>= C++17)
Go https://github.com/longportapp/openapi-go

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