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A tool for generating documentation for java projects

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Lojidoc is a tool for creating markdown documentation for java projects. The program parses the javadoc comments in the source code and uses the high level java declarations to provide consice and easily readable markdown documentation for each java file in the project.


Source code documentation


Pull requests and feature requests are always welcome. If you are opening an issue please use one of the provided issue templates as a guide. For more information about contributing read the Contribution guidelines.


Lojidoc can be installed using Cargo. The following packages are required for installation.

Note: cargo is installed by default with a rustc installation

Lojidoc can then be installed using cargo install

$ cargo install lojidoc

Once installed the default location of the executable will be ~/.cargo/bin/lojidoc

Building from source

$ git clone https://github.com/JoshBrudnak/Lojidoc.git
$ cd ./Lojidoc/
$ cargo build --release


Basic Usage

$ lojidoc [Project_Path] [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]

Example Usages

Example of passing Lojidoc the repository URL and destination directory

$ lojidoc ~/Project/src/java/ -c https://github.com/JoshBrudnak/Project/tree/master -d ~/docs/

Example of using the lint option to find javadoc mistakes and using a single thread.

$ lojidoc ~/Project/src/java/ -l -s

Note: Lojidoc will not generate any markdown files when using the lint flag

Command line arguments

Flag Description
m Use multiple threads to execute the program
l Check a java project for incorrect or missing javadocs
h Prints help information
v Generate documentation for a project and provide verbose output
V Prints the version information
Option Description
d Sets the destination directory of the created markdown files
b Create a mdbook using the generated documentation
i Ignore fields with a certain permission


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