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Manipulate the output of multiple newlines. Replace/Insert/Append newlines with text. Input and output from stdio/files/buffers

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Rust library to manipulate multiple newlines.

Create a new String with your edited text, or use buffers to pipe input and output into the Editor. This library has no additional dependencies.

Using linurgy

Build a reusable Editor with one of the convenient factory functions. Use the edit method to create a new String.

use linurgy::factory;

// appends an underscore "_" every 2 newlines "\n\n" => "\n\n_"
let editor = factory::appender("_", 2);
let output = editor.edit("foo\n\n");
assert_eq!("foo\n\n_", output);

Manipulate stdin into stdout by using the edit_buffered method. This also works on files, Cursors, or anything else that implements BufRead.

use linurgy::factory;
use std::io::{BufReader, Result, stdin, stdout};

// doubles every newline "\n" => "\n\n"
let editor = factory::appender("\n", 1);
// create a buffer over stdin
let mut input = BufReader::new(stdin());
// pipe input into editor and output to stdout
editor.edit_buffered(&mut input, &mut stdout())?;

Work with LF \n or CRLF \r\n line-endings. There are factory functions for CRLF inputs.

use linurgy::factory;

// inserts a "*" before 2 newlines "\r\n\r\n" => "*\r\n\r\n"
let editor = factory::inserter_crlf("*", 2);
let output = editor.edit("foo\r\nbar\r\n\r\n");
// notice there is only an asterisk before the double newline
assert_eq!("foo\r\nbar*\r\n\r\n", output);

More examples


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Linurgy is distributed under the terms of both the MIT license and the Apache License (Version 2.0).


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