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Native bindings to libssh.


The vendored feature causes a static version of libssh to be compiled and linked into your program. If no system libssh is detected at build time, or that system library is too old, then the vendored libssh implementation will be used automatically. Note that the libssh-rs bindings make use of a couple of new interfaces that have not made it into a released version of libssh at the time of writing this note, so all users will be effectively running with vendored enabled until libssh releases version 0.9.7.

The vendored-openssl feature causes a vendored copy of openssl to be compiled and linked into your program.

On macOS and Windows systems, you most likely want to enable both vendored and vendored-openssl.


This crate is licensed under the MIT license, and is: Copyright (c) 2021-Present Wez Furlong.

Note that the vendored directory is a submodule that references libssh; libssh is itself GNU Library (or: Lesser) General Public License (LGPL) which has a viral clause in the case where you modify libssh. The license is explained on the libssh features page; the summary is that simply using an unmodified libssh-rs-sys crate will not trigger that viral clause, and you are thus able to use this crate under the terms of the MIT license.


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