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WebRTC transport for libp2p

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WebRTC transport for rust-libp2p for both native and WebAssembly (browser). For initiating a connection between two peers, both of them need to connect to the same WebSocket signaling server (via a call to listen_on). Either one can dial the other peer by using the p2p-webrtc-star protocol. Note, that this crate is currently not interoperable with the respective js-libp2p and go-libp2p implementations.

Additional, a signaling server implementation is provided within the crate.


To compile this crate, you need gcc g++ libssl-dev make cmake clang pkg-config.

let base_transport = WebRtcTransport::new(peer_id, vec!["stun:stun.l.google.com:19302"]);
let transport = base_transport.upgrade()...




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